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jeudi 12 juillet 2007

We’ve finally started the extension to the house,
We should have an extra bedroom and an office in 12 weeks time.

I will attempt to track the progress and keep video showing the building site progress on a daily basis...

Day 1 : Digging the fundations. (11/07/2007)

The camera setting aren’t perfect, will try to find a better angle for subsequent days...

Next step is site visit by building regulation on the 12th or 13th and after that pouring the concrete for the fundation.

Day 2
The visit was done at the end of July, we were caught in some of the flooding and had to pump the water out of the excavation. As a result the surveyor had to come twice.

Next step is pouring the fundation... Should happen quickly, before the excavation get a chance of filling themselves up again...

Day 3
The fundations have been poured. things need to be checked with the building reg before we can carry on...

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